RFP - E Series Gassed Welding Helmet

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Product Description


this helmet will prove to your friends and foes that you can survey in a post-apocalypse, toxic desert

  • Grind
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Tig Welding
  • Stick Welding
  • Mig Welding
  • Arc Gouging

    Welding Skill/Duty:
  • Part Time Medium Duty
  • Professional Heavy Duty

    Product Description

  • The new RFP E-Series welding helmets from Save Phace have a huge 4 X 4 ADF fixed in a shade 10 passive welding lens for 40 square inches of ear to ear vision once your arc is struck. In addition they offer external adjustments from grind mode all the way up to shade 13, ideal for all types of welding, cutting and grinding applications. Plus the sleek RFP design, killer graphics, light weight and fully adjustable halo make these some of teh best looking and most comfortable welding helmets available today.


  • Yet another revolutionary 1st from Save Phace!
  • 1. World's 1st and ONLY welding helmet offering 180 degree vision!
  • 2. World's 1st and ONLY welding helmet featuring an EXTERNAL Adjustable ADF (Adjustable ADF; 4 Sensor, Shade 4/9-13, Low Battery Indicator, Shade and Sensitivity Controls, Grind Mode, Grind Flash Warning Indicator, Power Supply: Fully Automatic, Solar with Replaceable Battery's, Low Battery Indicator Auto Darkening Filter) integrated into a Shade #10 180 degree lens!
  • 3. Face forming profile allows you to get into tighter spaces.
  • 4. World's lightest welding helmet!
  • 5. Rounded top to bottom to provide better airflow making it 6 degrees cooler!
  • 7. Multi Point, Dual Band Halo Headgear allows for maximum comfort and Adjustability!
  • 8. World's SICKEST graphics!
  • 9. Every part is replaceable.
  • 10. World's Fastest Protective Lens Change System! 10. Comes with Extra Protective Lenses! No other helmet in the world offers you any or ALL of these GREAT features! Viewing area of ADF - 9.63 Inches and 40 INCHES OF OVERALL VEIWING AREA!!

  • Accessories

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