Milwaukee's Deep Cut AC/DC Band Saw Kit

Deep Cut Band Saws AC/DC With Case
Deep Cut Band Saws AC/DC With Case
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Product Description

Deep Cut Band Saws AC/DC With Case

The 11 Amp Milwaukee Deep Cut AC/DC Band Saw with Case provides the freedom to cut a variety of materials on the job site. Like all Milwaukee products, this one provides heavy-duty performance even with major industrial usage. Designed for the professional, this electric band saw always keeps line-of-sight at the forefront of the process. It uses blade guide bearings to ensure accurate cuts and offers blade guards for more protection. The body balances in the hand, ready for stock of up to 5-in in thickness. The electric clutch protects the tool from jarring stops and may prolong the life of the tool.


  • Optimum speed range.
  • Slim motor housing.
  • All ball and roller bearings.
  • 2x more durabe shrouds with job Site Armor Technology
  • Balanced body design.
  • Completely sealed design around gear housing.
  • Gear protecting clutch.
  • High torque worm gear with direct drive.
  • LED light and tool free shoe .


  • Blade Thickness:0.02 in
  • Linear Speed : 380 ft/min - 380ft/min
  • Voltage :120 V
  • Voltage Type :ac/dc
  • Control Type:Trigger
  • Drive Gearing: Worm Gearing
  • Handle Type : Top D-Handle /Top T-Handle

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