Band Saws

Band Saws
A band saw is a power saw that features a toothed metal strip that moves in a continuous loop around two or three wheels. Band saws are often used in home workshops to make straight or curved cuts in woodworking projects. In general, wide blades are used for straight cuts and narrow blades are used for curved cuts. Band saws are often considered more versatile than table saws in home workshops and they can make decorative curved details such as trim on bookcases.

Portable Electric Band Saw Milwaukee's No. 6225
Regular price: $541.04
Sale price: $375.12
Deep Cut Band Saws AC/DC With Case
Regular price: $548.55
Sale price: $299.00
Heavy-Duty Deep Cut Porta-Band Saws
Regular price: $486.21
Sale price: $272.83
Deep Cut Variable Band Saw
Regular price: $548.55
Sale price: $380.32
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