That’s right, we did it again! NO other Welding Helmet company in the WORLD offers this to you!!!!

Imposter Series

The Imposter Series is design for YOU to have that sick/twisted picture you have in your head custom painted on YOUR Helmet, making it one of a kind! We recommend airbrushing it for you since we have the most experience and the correct paint and our peeps are KILLER Artist!

The Du Mi EFP comes with the World’s 1st and ONLY 2x4 Adjustable 4/9-13 ADF with a Grind Mode and Sensitivity and Delay controls that is integrated into our Patented 180 degree Passive Welding Lens giving you perfect ear to ear vision! This gives you the LARGEST viewing area in the World at over 23 sq” of viewing area!

DOES include a helmet bag.

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