K6800 Optrel Autodarkening Welding Helmets Optrel E680 Copper

Optrel e680 Variable Shade Welding Helmet Copper No.K6800
Optrel e680 Variable Shade Welding Helmet Copper No.K6800
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Product Description

Optrel e680 Variable Shade Welding Helmet Copper No.K6800

An incomparable shade range and a host of premium performance features make the Optrel e680 auto-darkening welding helmet the perfect choice for virtually any welding operation. A lightweight design, individual adjustment options and ergonomic fit combine to provide the ultimate in comfort and control. Add to that high quality optics, an expanded field of view, and “Read Red” color recognition technology and you get a “must-have” for the professional welder.


  • Engineered for the expert welder, the Optrel e680 offers the ultimate in style, comfort and versatility
  • The variable shade range and selectable Shade 4 grind mode makes this helmet suitable for almost any arc welding or cutting operation
  • Patented telescoping head-gear maximizes field of view and offers all-day comfort combined with adjustability for perfect balance
  • Adjustable sensitivity controls, delay and variable arc detection sensors provide user with customized control
  • The sleek helmet styling combines lightweight comfort and ergonomic fit with superior protection of head and neck
  • ADF features advanced “Read Red” color recognition technology for improved clarity and visibility of red LEDs on welding equipment, and provides an effective 2" x 4" (50 x 100 mm) viewing area
  • The spherical contouring of the Optrel e680 helmet makes it one of the only welding helmets approved for overhead welding


  • Cartridge Dimensions 3.55"x 4.33"x0.28" (90x110x7mm)
  • Viewing Area 2"x4" (50x100mm)
  • Power Supply Solar w/2 replaceable lithium ion batteries (CR2032)
  • Sensors 2
  • UV/IR Protection Maximum in any shade dark and light
  • Shade Range Variable 5-9 and 9-13
  • Light Shade 4
  • Switching Speed 0.175 ms at room temperature, 0.120 ms at 131 F (55° C)
  • Dark to Light Speed Fast=0.1-0.35 s /Slow>0.35 s
  • Operating Temperature 14°F to 158°F (10°C to + 70°C)
  • Storage Temperature -4°F to 176°F (20° C to + 80° C)
  • Weight, Complete Helmet 17.3oz (490g)
  • Weight, ADF Cartridge 4.7oz (133g)
  • Applications All electric arc welding processes. Not suitable for oxyacetylene or laser welding.
  • Warranty 2 years from the date of purchase on ADF cartridge. No warranty on batteries.
  • Standards ANSI,CSA,CE,DIN

  • For Questions Call 786-241-1559