Tungsten Electrodes

Weldcraft’s premium line of tungsten electrodes have under - gone rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality and durability. Packages of ten seven-inch (175 mm) tungsten electrodes are color-coded and feature three languages—English, Spanish and French.

Note: Refer to manufacturer MSDS sheets for proper preparation and safety. Use proper ventilation/capture during prepa ration. Refer to manufacturer warning regarding ventilation.

1/16X7 GRD 2% CERIA
Regular price: $20.28
Sale price: $17.24
Best Welds 2% Ceria Ground Tungsten Electrodes
Regular price: $36.62
Sale price: $31.13
2% Ceria Ground Tungsten, 1/8 in Dia., 7 in Long, 2% Ceria Ground
Regular price: $76.84
Sale price: $47.12
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